About Us

Systems Solution

We recognize that chemical fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides are essential to producing enough food, fiber and energy for our growing population. We also recognize that landfills are necessary to safely and efficiently handle our waste to keep America clean and beautiful. Unfortunately, both fertilizers and landfills come with a heavy environmental cost in terms of nutrient runoff water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions as well as squandering some of our natural resources. More importantly, chemical fertilizers deplete the quality of our soil and do not adequately protect crops from climate change. 

By taking a systems approach to solving the problems of organic waste management and chemical fertilizer pollution, we seamlessly integrated organic waste recycling with agriculture, manufacturing and environmental protection while strengthening crops against extreme weather conditions, drought, and poor soil conditions. We believe that crops produced using our Cocoa Compost System, combined with lower chemical applications, are safer and more productive for people and our planet.

What We Do

Cocoa recycles organic waste and returns the nutrients to the soil as valuable fertilizer. Cocoa’s Organic Waste Recycling Services provide convenient, cost-effective, environmentally sustainable waste solutions for recycling food and other biodegradable processing residuals.

Cocoa manufactures high-quality organic Cocoa Compost Fertilizers, which provide conventional and organic farmers with reliable nutrients, organic matter and protection against crop diseases, while enhancing all of our natural resources.

Cocoa uses best management practices (BMP’s) and the best available control technologies (BACT’s) to bring our products and services together to build the most sustainable business in the world. 

Cocoa generates financial, social and environmental benefits for stakeholders at every level of our operation: businesses, governments, farmers, employees, investors and the environment.