Application Services

Cocoa Application Services Can Save Time and Money

Convenient Transportation and Custom Application Services

  • Our experienced and courteous dispatchers, drivers and applicators apply Cocoa Compost quickly and efficiently.
  • Our multi-axle fleet of dump trailers, walking floors and liquid tankers can haul up to 50 tons of compost products at a time in Michigan.
  • Our application equipment uses flotation tires to minimize compaction and GPS navigation to accurately broadcast Cocoa Compost products.

Easy Application for Farmers

  • Cocoa Compost can be applied using conventional lime or manure spreading equipment.
  • Cocoa Liquid Compost can be applied using sprayers or fertigation equipment.
  • Cocoa can be applied almost any time of the year to pre-plant, post-emergent and post-harvest crops.
  • Fall and winter applications save valuable spring planting time.

Safe to handle

  • Cocoa has no objectionable odors, weed seeds, pathogens or residual antibiotics.
  • Unlike manure, Cocoa applications will not generate odor complaints from neighbors.
  • Unlike manure, Cocoa applications will not generate fecal coliform water contamination issues.
  • Cocoa will help reduce nutrient runoff, sedimentation, erosion and compaction.
  • Cocoa can be applied on any type of soil and crop.

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